Tuesday, December 9

Design Quote

"Designers think everything done by someone else is awful, and that they could do it better themselves, ..."Chris Bangle

Im just going to post random things here, but thought this quote was humorous, and true

10 Best Free WordPress Themes You Haven’t Seen

This is something I have wanted to lean more about for a while now. It is open source coding for web design Im sure you guys have heard about it. I know Ben has a little knowledge with it. Most of the info I've come across has been a little wordy and I've lost interest in about a paragraph. This is a little bit more manageable for us art folk.

Check it out
Word Press10 Best Free WordPress Themes You Haven’t Seen

Probably what I'll use for my site.

Monday, December 8

Top 50 Graphic Design Blogs

Daivd Airey.com has posted the top 50 graphic design blogs.
Thought this would be a good place to do some research.

Sunday, December 7

James Jean

James Jean, New York City 2009