Wednesday, January 28

Piano Sketches from march 08- present

When good ideas go bad, The Cloverleaf Story.
Ive dusted off these sketches,with some intention of making something out of them.

This has been an ongoing project for almost a year. It started with these drawing of a grand piano, mainly focusing on the keys. While this illustration project was going on I was also working on a logo design for a band called Cloverleaf.

These sketches are mostly based on fonts that already exist, or a combination of those fonts. The green 'cloverleaf' happened spontaneously and started the link between the piano and the font.

This is where the project went wrong. The logo which I was yet to finished turned into a bigger projects. This sketches are for a poster, for the band, for a concert. At this point the project lost complete direction, and was heading no where fast. The idea was for a poster for a small concert, just a singer and a piano. I love the concept the idea of 'an intimate evening'. Not sure where to take it from this point.

These are two of the more "finished" logos. They still need help and direction. Maybe you guys can help.

Piano Logo

I was hoping this blog would be more about us posting our own work. But since were in a little bit of a creative dry spell I will keep posting stuff that inspires me, or I think you guys should see.

Here is a pretty awesome piano logo. Not sure if this is inspiring or discouraging for me since I have been working on something similar for months and he has done much better with it. I need to do a better job at finishing a concept.

I will post some of my piano sketches when I get home tonight.
'till then check out some more of his work.

Monday, January 26

Inglorious Bastards

Looks like QT finished filming Inglorious Bastards and here is an early poster.

Thursday, January 22

History of poster at the Oscars

Posters from the last 45 years at the Academy Awards. Pretty interesting to see the progression of design through these posters and with the nominees being released today seemed like worthy post. The design look as if they are always a few years behind the trends though. Not surprising it a group of old fat white men. (I think)

Check out the posters

Saturday, January 10

Saturday, January 3

Building a better blog

Things have been slow on the design front for me. While I have a few projects in the works, the motivation to develop them further is lacking right now. I how however spent the last few days looking for that inspiration and have found some pretty good design samples. Hopefully soon there will be work up to show.

For now here is a link I came across, on how to make a blog better. Right now this one can't be any worse. So here build A Better Blog